georgian bay staging

Placing Furniture

Correct furniture placement relies on:


Function - each room in your home should have a clear function.  The largest piece placed in a room is always related to function (ie. sofa in living room, bed in bedroom, etc.) and always placed first.

Focal Point - determine the room's focal point.  Some rooms won't have one so you will need to create it.  Furniture should then be arranged to draw attention to/enhance the focal point.  A focal point can be a window, fireplace, architectural feature, painting, etc.

Feeling - how do you want the room to feel?  Cozy?  Airy and open?  Rooms will feel more spacious if you 'float' the furniture which simply means that the furniture is not pressed up against the wall.  Rather, it is in the middle of the room away from the walls.

Flow - this refers to the natural flow of people travelling through a space.  Be mindful of traffic flow when arranging furniture.  Don't make it difficult to maneuver through a room or around furniture.

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