In-Home Consultation (occupied)

Every seller benefits from a home staging consultation. Period.

Why? Because most sellers don’t understand the importance of transforming their lived-in, functional home to a product that now needs to be marketed to appeal to a wide range of buyers. There is nothing more important than helping to point them in the right direction so that they can create an ideal environment for a quick and profitable sale. My goal is not to judge personal tastes, but rather to help sellers maximize the appeal of their home while minimizing the amount of money required to achieve that goal.


During the consultation, I view the home through a ‘fresh set of eyes’ which proves to be very helpful in identifying changes that will make the most impact. This may include creating spaciousness, minimizing distractions, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, accentuating the home’s positive features and downplaying its weaknesses. Creating exterior curb appeal is equally as important.

The seller may choose to do some, all or none of the recommendations. I partner with a number of local professionals so that I can make referrals to the various trades if needed (cleaners, painters, etc.) or the seller may opt to do some of the prep work themselves. Once the consultation is complete, I will quote on staging/showcasing the occupied home (typically done using a combination of my decorative inventory with existing furniture).

I partner with a number of local real estate professionals who include my consultation fee as part of their listing package. Or, I can work with the homeowner directly (pricing starts at $250 for an in-home consultation).

Learn more about my OCCUPIED staging services.

In-Home Consultation (vacant)

I welcome the opportunity to tour your vacant property to assist with compiling a quote and an overall game plan for prepping and showcasing. Learn more about my VACANT staging services.