Vacant Staging 

Selling a vacant home is never a good idea. When it’s empty, there’s simply nothing to capture a buyer’s attention and, without that emotional connection, it makes the sale much more difficult. It’s akin to looking at blueprints. The buyer ‘gets’ the general layout but there’s so much lacking. If they have to work at figuring things out, they’ll move on.

Here’s are some other key reasons why you should ALWAYS stage a vacant home:

  1. Empty rooms appear smaller than they are

  2. 90% of people can’t visualize furniture in an empty room

  3. 85% of staged homes on average sell for 6-25% more than un-staged homes

  4. Staged homes produce standout photos

  5. Staging draws attention away from any flaws and puts the focus on the selling features of the home

  6. Staging creates a lifestyle that appeals to the home’s target demographic

  7. Staged homes sell faster in slow markets & for more money in hot markets

To view my past vacant staging work, visit my Projects Page.