Occupied Staging

After the initial consultation, I develop a plan for showcasing the home to elevate its visual appeal.

Why is this so important?

The primary goals of showcasing are to:

  • create a neutral, non-distracting, non-personal environment so that potential buyers can envision themselves in the space

  • maximize the amount of space available

  • highlight the home’s focal points and architectural features

  • create a proper flow throughout the space

  • appeal to the area’s demographic (the likely buyer) and price point

I showcase the home using a combination of the seller’s existing belongings with accessories from my inventory to create a cohesive look throughout. Visual appeal is critical … a staged home creates a ‘feeling’ that translates to the buyer aspiring to make it their own.

Almost all home buyers now start their property search online. We want the property to stand out so that it’s on the buyer’s must see list for viewings. Staging will be what differentiates your property from your competition and drives buyer traffic to it.

To view my past occupied staging work, visit my Projects Page.