Is it Halloween yet?


We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this year's Vintage/Steampunk/ Bohemian show happening on the weekend of Sept 30th - Oct 1st at Greentree Gardens & Emporium just outside of Collingwood.  Hope you can visit!

We've been busy!! ... well, I should say that mom and Jan have been busy ... they are the creative force behind all of the amazing designs we will have on display ... I'm just lucky to be able to 'play' with them every now and then (ie. in-between staging gigs) to soak up/learn as much as I can and to enjoy the creative process.  And, there's always lots of girl talk and laugher!  I guess that's why quilting bees were so popular back in the day.  

Halloween has always been our favourite time of year and we sell a lot of our Halloween designs to our US clients.  They seem to embrace decorating for it more than we do on the Canadian side.  I suspect because it's the kickoff to their Fall decorating season leading up to their November Thanksgiving.

Our booth will be chock full of decorative goodies, mostly Halloween, but also lots of other items ... pillows, ornaments, cards, gift bags, seasonal keepsakes, gift items and more ... a little something in every price range ... I've included some sample pics or feel free to take a peek via or

Aspired Home (Real Estate Staging Magazine)

Aspired Home is RESA's new online magazine (Real Estate Staging Association) - check it out!


A beautiful farmhouse stage near Durham, ON for Helen Lightbody (  It was an estate sale so the siblings pulled together to prep the home prior to me staging.  This involved a major purge of artwork, furniture, personal photos, area rugs, etc.  Since the family had lived in South Korea for several years, there was a large amount of Asian memorabilia (nice, but not something I could keep/use in great quantities for staging purposes).  The original farmhouse was circa 1883 with a huge addition onto the back that significantly increased the overall square footage.  This was one of the larger stages I've done to date and some great impact made to ensure it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.  Currently listed at $1,150,000- 423327 Concession 6, Durham -


Keep Calm and Organize


Here's a sampling:

  1. Do 'that' project
  2. Create a 'go away' box
  3. Deal with decorations
  4. Create a system for your entryway
  5. Wrangle your pet supplies
  6. Organized your spices!
  7. Pare down your utensils
  8. Reconfigure your pots and pans

Full article ----------------------->

I loved this article (very practical) and I'm guessing everyone can relate to what she's saying.  Follow these steps, spending less than an hour per day (sometimes just a few moments), to a better organized home by September 1st:


What Buyers Want

I've included a link to a recent article by Christine Rae, president of Certified Staging Professionals, which outlines today's trend for move-in ready, turn-key properties.  According to Christine, this trend is driven by 3 demographics:  women, millennials and baby boomers.  

Since half of all property buyers are under the age of 36, this new generation (the millennials) are shaping the future of real estate.  They bypass typical 'starter' homes and jump right into higher end properties that are ready to enjoy. This means that all of their money goes towards the purchase price of a move-in ready home (with no desire or intention to renovate).  Retiring baby boomers feel similarly in that they put a higher priority on enjoying life outside of their home as opposed to putting time and money into renovations.

In a nutshell, today's buyers are most interested in:

  1. Updated bathrooms, kitchens, fixtures and appliances
  2. Office space with high speed connectivity
  3. Open plan, good flow and use of space
  4. Laundry rooms
  5. Lots of natural light

The full article can be viewed here:

Bedroom Makeovers!

Some recent bedroom staging projects ... I find them very hard to do since I want them pristine (which typically means a lot of fussing, steaming, 'fluffing')!!  They definitely take the most time and I've learned some tricks that make life much easier ... for example, quilted coverlets and (quilted) bedskirts significantly reduce wrinkles and the need to steam.  I hate bedskirts, by the way, and sometimes get lucky where the homeowner has wooden bed frames which means ... no bedskirt needed ... always a bonus!

The bottom right picture is a bed that I had to create since the homeowner had moved her furniture out prior to the stage.  Simple to do using boxes and air mattresses.  I can create the illusion of a headboard using pillows and a print above the bed.