Lighting Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Lighting is often overlooked during the staging process; however, it is a very important element. The right lighting can make a room look bigger, create ambience and draw attention to a room’s focal points (all of which are primary goals of staging).

While stagers can control some lighting issues in the space (floor and table lamps), they are at the mercy of working with existing (permanent) fixtures in the home. It’s important to evaluate each of these permanent fixtures to ensure you are using the proper light bulbs/wattage to elevate the space.

Different kinds of lighting to consider:

  1. General lighting - the kind of light that makes your home functional

  2. Natural lighting - any light coming in from the outside or reflected via mirrors

  3. Accent lighting - this may include floor lamps or wall sconces or task lighting like vanity lighting or a desk lamp in the home office

  4. Ambient lighting - anything from dimmer switches to the right chandelier to help set the tone of a room.

  5. Exterior lighting - critical for that all important first impression! And, statistics suggest that potential buyers are most likely to drive by at night so make sure your home is shown in its best light!

Here’s a useful article that I found via to help shed some ‘light’ on the subject. Enjoy!