Painting Garage Doors

Picking a garage door colour is tricky for most homeowners. I remember when I did my staging training course we were onsite at a home that badly needed its garage doors freshened up. Surprisingly, none of us were 100% confident what colour should be used.

While garage doors are an important exterior element, keep in mind that the most important component on the exterior of a home remains the front door. It should be what stands out while the garage doors blend in with the exterior.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Don’t match your front door and garage door.

As per above, allow your front door to be the focal point of the house. It’s a statement area, and if you’ve chosen a bold color for your front door, it can be overwhelming on a garage door.

2. Consider matching your garage doors to your house.

This helps your garage blend with your home, and can make your house look bigger. You can also paint the trim surround your garage door to match the door, to create a seamless look.

3. If you’re concerned about curb appeal, don’t be unique.

Garage doors that are an unusual color, or two-toned, don’t have the same curb appeal as a mono-colored door, in a clean neutral. If you are selling your home, it’s worth considering this when picking your color.

4. Think about the material of your home and garage door.

What material is your home? Different materials are suited and complemented by certain colors. Also, garage door material could give you some more options. Traditional styles could be done with wood-grain finishes, or contemporary styles could offer anodized aluminum.

5. When in doubt, go for the easy win!

The most popular and “safest” color choice is to match your garage door color to the color of the windows and trim work on the house

Houses are most people’s largest asset, so renovation decisions are a big deal. Something as seemingly small as the color of your garage door can actually impact the value and perception of your house.

Top Garage Door Colors (Beige) - Fagan Door.jpg

Here are some other interesting notes re specific colours:

  • White - regardless of a home’s elevation style, exterior finishes or details, white garage doors complement best and creates an overall crisp and uniform appearance that is pleasing to the eye

  • Soft grey will allow your garage doors to blend with the overall look instead of being a focal point (remember, grey is a neutral)

  • Beige/Taupe - Best suited for brick and stone, beige or taupe garage doors can help blend your garage doors into the facade of your home. It has a similar effect to grey and is a nice neutral if you’re not into black and white.

  • NEVER choose a garage door color that is not already a color in the overall scheme of your exterior. No matter how good looking your garage doors, you never want them to take precedence over your front door.