9 Turnoffs for Home Buyers

I found an article online recently which was written by Bob Vila. He shares 9 well-intentioned but rarely successful staging tactics to AVOID when you’re trying to put your best foot forward. Some of these have long been regarded as ‘proper’ (ie. baking before a showing to create a warm and pleasant experience); however, the times are changing! Here’s a quick recap with a link to the full article -

  1. Don’t overdress the windows - we don’t want them to be a distraction AND the more light the better!

  2. Don’t bake some treats - really (really) not necessary

  3. Don’t scent it up - when it comes to scents, less is more

  4. Don’t play music - potential buyers may feel more annoyed than inspired

  5. Don’t over-accessorize - a staging professional will help you to find the right balance between too many accessories and too little - neutralizing the space is key so personal photos are a must go

  6. Don’t go all matchy-matchy - too much uniformity can make your home feel dated

  7. Don’t overdo the holidays - a tricky time of year to sell, so make it tasteful

  8. Don’t go too dark - dark rooms are notoriously harder to sell

  9. Don’t hang artwork too high - make sure art is centered at eye level so that it feels welcoming and not awkward

Here’s the full article: