10 Often Overlooked Tips to Getting Your Property Sold

This is a great article written for Home Staging Newswire by Christine Rae (www.stagingtraining.com).  

Christine Rae, is known as the leading expert, trendsetter and powerhouse authority on shaping the future through real estate staging industry vision, innovation and focused intensity.

The 10 tips quickly recapped:

  1. Don't get personal

  2. Pack and store/dispose of 2/3rds of every closet and cupboard

  3. First Impressions are the only ones that count

  4. Understand staging is about condition more than décor

  5. Update the kitchen

  6. Keep all bedrooms gender neutral

  7. Bathrooms are the second most important room in the house

  8. Odor and Allergens ALERT!

  9. Lighting

  10. 74% of prospect buyers will drive by your property before they even think about viewing it and half of them will do it at night

To view the full article click on the image above or here.  Enjoy!