Staging Tips for the Master Bed


There are a lot of details that go into successfully staging a home. The master bedroom, in particular, holds a lot of weight in a buyer’s mind. This is a room where it is important to make them feel at home, a place where they can envision themselves relaxing and decompressing.

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, so the bedding has to stand out. A messy bed is an immediate turn-off to buyers and sends the wrong message. To make your bedroom memorable, here are a few simple tips:


You can never go wrong with white

White linens are the most classic choice for bedding. You can pick up white bedding at a variety of stores without spending a lot. There’s a good reason you always see white bedding in hotels … it’s timeless, chic, and easy on the eyes. It makes the room feel relaxing and luxurious without being too distracting. One of my favourite designs is white pintuck bedding.

Keep it simple


Simple is key with home staging. When there is too much going on in terms of colour and pattern, it becomes distracting to the eye, especially in photos. A clean, streamlined look is best. White (or any other plain-coloured) linens are best with just a few colourful accents, such as accent pillows and a throw. If you do have a patterned comforter, fold it at the base of the bed for a nice pop of contrast.

Add layers & textures

A few layers of pillows always make a bed feel more luxurious and welcoming. You can also add a throw or comforter at the base of the bed. To add in some texture, consider faux fur, velvet, embroidered, cotton, leather pillows. Also, place European shams (large square pillows) against the headboard for a great visual impact.

Steam your linens

A needed extra step when staging is to steam all of your linens including the pillowcases. In hotels, the bedding is always crisp and wrinkle-free. This makes the room look pristine and sophisticated. Though it will take some effort, it goes a long way in the presentation of a bedroom.

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