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Summer Outdoor Style Tips

Summer is finally here and that means relaxing outdoors.  If you have an outdoor living area, it’s the perfect time to style it for the upcoming months.  Here are a few quick tips:

Create pops of color
When you think of summer, what comes to mind are shades like yellow, orange, bright blues, vibrant pinks and greens. Pops of these colours can be easily incorporated via:

  • flowers from your garden (peonies, roses, lilies, etc.) placed in a colourful vase on a table
  • potted plants in brightly-coloured (painted) flower pots
  • outdoor table decor such as colourful placemats, dining and drinkware (doesn't need to be expensive - bargain shops and Wal-mart offer nice collections)
  • rugs, accent pillows, seat cushions and, depending on your space, you may even be able to add some colourful art on outdoor walls
  • patio umbrellas, outdoor curtains (perhaps if privacy is needed?), lanterns, hammocks and plastic Adirondack chairs - always lots of great colours and fun styles to choose from!

Add in some soothing sounds
To make your space feel more like an oasis, add in water elements (fountains or bird baths) or sound elements such as wind chimes.  

Set the mood for after-hours
Solar lights, candles and fairy lights offer low-cost, lighting solutions for when the sun goes down.  Spread them out where you can enjoy what each solution has to offer.  For instance, solar lights can light pathways or step areas, fairy lights can be strung around patio canopies (or hang down from them), placed inside lanterns (which can then hang from branches), wrapped around outdoor faux plants, real tree trunks or deck posts.  And, don't forget about glow sticks!

Have some fun with it but ... do it now!  Summer in Ontario is short :)


Splash of Colour

Painting is usually the most obvious way to introduce a splash of colour into a room; however, there are many other ways to create that 'wow' feeling (without as much work)!  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Artwork - carefully placed pieces will add to any room and provide a reference point to creating a cohesive look
  2. Area rugs - so many beautiful colours and patterns to choose from - use on top of hardwood or carpeting to make the room pop
  3. Flowers - always a great choice when you need just a touch and you can never go wrong
  4. Pillows & Throws - practical and stylish - choose a variety of colours, patterns, prints that will help cheer up your space
  5. Furniture - small or large coloured pieces can make a big impact - accent pieces can be painted to bring in colour - the fabric options are limitless
  6. Accessories - so many to choose from ... lampshades, vases, picture frames, candles and more - strategically placed they can infuse colour in unique ways