If you are not staging your listings, you are helping to sell the ones that are staged ...  

Partner with me!  My services can help ease many of your challenges and you benefit in multiple ways:

  • Zero cost to you
    Let me work directly with the seller on ALL aspects of staging - they contract with me directly - I will address (and help the seller to 'get') the often delicate issues surrounding clutter, personal decor, repairs, etc. - if you prefer to include the staging consultation fee in part of your marketing package or want to discuss alternative ways to partner, let's talk!

  • Stunning photos for your listing
    Staged properties lead to stunning photos which leads to more showings which leads to ... SOLD!

  • Maximum commission opportunity
    Enhancing the property's features and changing the condition (even slightly) translates to a better chance of selling for full price ... maybe even more!

  • A quick and efficient sale
    Staged properties lead to faster sales which decreases your marketing costs.

  • A competitive edge
    Staging provides you with a competitive edge over other real estate professionals (those not staging) in your area.

  • Business referrals for you
    Ideally, I stage prior to the homeowner connecting with an sales rep ... which puts me in a position to recommend you.

  • You can focus on what you do best
    Your strengths and talents are best utilized in other aspects of getting the property sold - leave the staging to me.

To see who I currently partner with, including both real estate and other local professionals, click here.