Staging is:

very simply, the art of making your home look and feel as appealing as possible to potential buyers.  It's a marketing tool that will provide you with an edge over other properties for sale.  My goal is to help you maximize the appeal of your home while minimizing the amount of money required to achieve that goal.  

Staging allows the BUYER to:

  1. envision themselves living there
  2. benefit from the home being move-in ready
  3. justify the price
  4. connect emotionally which translates to a sale

Staging allows you, as the SELLER, to:

  1. obtain the maximum return on your investment
  2. sell your home as quickly as possible
  3. produce stunning photos for online searches

Occupied staging is a 3-step process:

  • helps me to establish the current condition of your home and
  • allows me to create an overall plan to prepare your property for showing  

I will assess your property room by room, document all of your home's condition items and offer advice for you to prepare your home to be listed on the market.  After the walkthrough, I sit with you to review the recommendations, determine a budget, a timeline and task assignments.  A completed booklet remains yours as a clear and detailed guide moving forward. 


This step involves the execution of the recommendations.   You may choose to do the work yourself or I can make referrals to the various trades.  As a seller, you will be best prepared when the recommendations are completed before you list your home.  


Showcasing is the final step where I put all decorative touches in place to make sure buyers instantly connect with your property.   I will showcase each room using staging techniques that make your home photo-ready.  The goal is to have potential buyers view your home as their home.