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Photo credit: Alan Shisko -

Photo credit: Alan Shisko -


Prep it. Stage it. Sell it.
Your home is probably your largest investment.  When you make the decision to sell it, obtaining the maximum return on that investment (and selling it as quickly as possible) need to be your primary goals.  That's where I come in (literally).

Staging is changing the way real estate is being sold. It is a feeling.  It is the process of addressing your home's condition, enhancing its best features and neutralizing the space so that the potential buyer can envision themselves living there.  Let me help you gain a competitive edge by transforming your home into an attractive and welcoming space.

As a Certified Staging Professional, I can show you where to start and guide you through the entire pre-listing process easily and efficiently.  I will help you to prioritize the most important items that need to be addressed (and why).  Learn more about how I can help ... it's easier than you think!


Handmade Decor

Exquisite, handmade designs.  Perfect for your home, your gift-giving needs or as gorgeous accents for any special event or gathering!  Learn more ...


Seasonal Decorating

Let us personalize your indoor or outdoor space with holiday and seasonal decor that reflects your individual style.  Learn more ...