Splash of Colour

Painting is usually the most obvious way to introduce a splash of colour into a room; however, there are many other ways to create that 'wow' feeling (without as much work)!  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Artwork - carefully placed pieces will add to any room and provide a reference point to creating a cohesive look
  2. Area rugs - so many beautiful colours and patterns to choose from - use on top of hardwood or carpeting to make the room pop
  3. Flowers - always a great choice when you need just a touch and you can never go wrong
  4. Pillows & Throws - practical and stylish - choose a variety of colours, patterns, prints that will help cheer up your space
  5. Furniture - small or large coloured pieces can make a big impact - accent pieces can be painted to bring in colour - the fabric options are limitless
  6. Accessories - so many to choose from ... lampshades, vases, picture frames, candles and more - strategically placed they can infuse colour in unique ways