Is it Halloween yet?


We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this year's Vintage/Steampunk/ Bohemian show happening on the weekend of Sept 30th - Oct 1st at Greentree Gardens & Emporium just outside of Collingwood.  Hope you can visit!

We've been busy!! ... well, I should say that mom and Jan have been busy ... they are the creative force behind all of the amazing designs we will have on display ... I'm just lucky to be able to 'play' with them every now and then (ie. in-between staging gigs) to soak up/learn as much as I can and to enjoy the creative process.  And, there's always lots of girl talk and laugher!  I guess that's why quilting bees were so popular back in the day.  

Halloween has always been our favourite time of year and we sell a lot of our Halloween designs to our US clients.  They seem to embrace decorating for it more than we do on the Canadian side.  I suspect because it's the kickoff to their Fall decorating season leading up to their November Thanksgiving.

Our booth will be chock full of decorative goodies, mostly Halloween, but also lots of other items ... pillows, ornaments, cards, gift bags, seasonal keepsakes, gift items and more ... a little something in every price range ... I've included some sample pics or feel free to take a peek via or