What Buyers Want

I've included a link to an article by Christine Rae, president of Certified Staging Professionals, which outlines today's trend for move-in ready, turn-key properties.  According to Christine, this trend is driven by 3 demographics:  women, millennials and baby boomers.  

Since half of all property buyers are under the age of 36, this new generation (the millennials) are shaping the future of real estate.  They bypass typical 'starter' homes and jump right into higher end properties that are ready to enjoy. This means that all of their money goes towards the purchase price of a move-in ready home (with no desire or intention to renovate).  Retiring baby boomers feel similarly in that they put a higher priority on enjoying life outside of their home as opposed to putting time and money into renovations.

In a nutshell, today's buyers are most interested in:

  1. Updated bathrooms, kitchens, fixtures and appliances
  2. Office space with high speed connectivity
  3. Open plan, good flow and use of space
  4. Laundry rooms
  5. Lots of natural light

The full article can be viewed here:  http://stagingweblog.com/2017/07/what-buyers-want/