Log Cabin Stages

Very surprisingly, I had two back-to-back log cabin staging projects recently.  They can be a challenge for two reasons - the first due to the amount of wood, wood (and more wood!) and the second due to lighting (or lack thereof).  Log cabins can be a more difficult sell since they appeal to only a small percentage of the population.  Not everyone is a fan of (that much) wood, their rustic look and feel and the fact that noise can carry easily throughout the space (most are open concept).  From a decorating perspective, the challenge comes mostly with artwork and decor for the walls.  They can cast an orange hue, the wood on the walls if often curved (rounded) and many colours get 'lost' against the grain and knots in the wood.  Thankfully, with both projects, there was a combination of drywalled and wooden walls so that helped to offset and balance some of the colour issues.  I also used the client's existing furniture and some of their artwork as it already lended nicely to the space.  Here are a few pics!