Did You Know ...

With the Spring real estate market in full swing, there are some important tips that sellers must keep in mind:

  • the first 5 to 10 days a property is on the market are when the most people (buyers, agents, brokers) will tour the property.  Ever.  Make sure they see it in its best light.
  • On average, a buyer tours a property in less than 6 minutes and racks up every little thing in their mind that's left incomplete or is less than desirable (unfinished repairs, walls that need painted, outdated flooring, uncleanliness, etc.)   Your job is to remove ALL reasons for the buyer to offer you one cent less than the asking price.
  • The average seller is 57 years old and the average buyer is 32 years old.  Be sure your house is staged to appeal to the buyer who is most likely to make an offer.
  • Curb appeal is critical.  If your property's exterior and landscaping don't invite buyers inside, no amount of interior staging is going to sell your home.  
  • Today's buyer wants a move-in ready property.  What's most important?  Floors, neutral wall colour and (lots of) storage!