Demystifying Area Rugs

Figuring out the best rug size for any room ...

can be a difficult task.  By following some simple guidelines, choosing and placing area rugs can become less daunting and can make a significant design statement, especially for staging purposes.

Entryway:  You want a rug that is slightly wider than your front door so that more than one person can stand on it when they come in.  A 2 x 4 foot OR 3 x 5 foot area rug generally work well.  Runners can also be a good option for entryways depending on space.  Most entryway rugs have non-slip backing which is especially important since there's no furniture to keep the rug in place.

Living Room:  To create an inviting, inclusive feel, conventional thought is that you choose a rug large enough to extend past all of your seating.  But today, it's okay to have just front legs on the rug (this may require that you stabilize and balance the back legs).  If your living room space is very large, consider dividing it into separate seating areas, each with its own rug.   To highlight a particular area, you can layer your foundation rug with a smaller rug (consider a bold pattern or colour).  Useful tip:  Using painter's tape to outline the area you'd like to cover OR lay out a bed sheet.  Both methods are an easy way to help visualize the space.

Bedroom:  To create a cozy border, measure your bed and allow 30" on each side of the bed.  Runners can also be placed on either side of the bed and one at the end.  

Dining Room:  For chairs to slide in and out easily, you should add 24-30" to each side of the table for the perfect rug size.  Most dining room tables need at least an 8 foot wide area rug.  The chair legs shouldn't fall off the rug when people are seated at the table or when they pull the chairs away from the table to seat themselves. 

General tips:

  1. Area rugs should be at least 8-12" away from all walls to avoid looking cramped
  2. Keep rugs clear of floor vents
  3. Don't be afraid to use shapes other than rectangles.  Round, square, oblong or animal-skin are all unique options.

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